With our assistance, clients are able to receive all the necessary services related to property and asset management: from property concept creation to establishment of facility and property management, marketing and commercial realization of premises in the properties.

Marketing, advertisement and promotion of commercial property

  • Development of corporate identity and creative concepts for properties (including rebranding, if necessary).
  • Positioning on the market and ensuring high level of recognizability of properties.
  • Development of annual marketing and media plan and budget.


  • Attraction of potential tenants, using both in-house team and interacting with consulting companies (brokers).
  • Prolongation of lease agreements.
  • Commercial negotiations.
  • Entire legal, accounting, financial and technical support of commercial and legal negotiations.
  • Reconstruction on the premises, project design and fit-out works for tenants.

Leasing relations management with existing tenants

  • Leasing contract administration with existing tenants.
  • Building up and strengthening long-term relations with existing tenants.
  • Control of receivables.
  • Legal support of all issues with respect to interactions with tenants, contractors and supervising authorities within the frames of commercial property management.

Property management, operation and development

  • Creation of a professional management team for each property (both on-site and at the head office).
  • Regular arrangement of tenders among external facility management companies for the purpose of achieving an ultimate level of services at the optimal operational costs.
  • Daily control of an external facility management companies on each property: quality control, compliance with contractual and regulatory rules and requirements.
  • Planning, budgeting and implementation of works on capital expenditures and current renovation projects.
  • Applying scale saving for achievement of maximum competitive cost of services related to operation and maintenance, security and cleaning.

Budgeting and reporting

  • Protection of annual budget for each property (budget revenue and expenditures).
  • Monthly control over budget execution.
  • Regular (monthly) reporting upon budget execution with a possibility to adjust the reporting format (including reports for lending institutions of clients if necessary).

Accounting and legal support, auditing

  • Accounting services for the legal entity of the landlord.
  • Legal support of the entity of the property owner.
  • Annual audit of the legal entity.