News / Media Statements
Prime Property Management has been established by a cohesive team of industry experts with rich experience of work together. Each member of the management team has over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate and is well recognized in professional community. We are always ready to provide an expert opinion on the market situation, evaluate projects perspectives and analyze current business environment.

Prime Property Management Statement

To avoid the dissemination of false information, we consider it necessary to inform that Prime Property Management LLC and Prime Invest LLC, as well as Lenhart companies and associated individuals and legal entities, have never been a part of the same group and were not in any other way associated with Milasi Engineering Limited LLC or other structures and legal entities associated with companies owned or managed by Rotenberg A. and Rotenberg B. and their family members.

The information previously contained on the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation website is untrustworthy and was removed from the agency's website after receiving a relevant request and filing a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration Court.

Any attempts to disseminate false information about Prime Property Management will be suppressed by submitting applications to the competent judicial authorities.

We kindly ask mass media and public representatives to refrain from publishing unreliable information.

We are always open for cooperation with representatives of Russian and foreign media and are ready to promptly provide necessary official information about the company.

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